Liberty Air Announces Plans for New Operations Centers at EGSS – London Stansted and KORD -Chicago O’Hare International

LibertyAir2London, UK – In a letter to employees, Liberty Air Virtual Group, Inc. announced plans this week to build new operations centers to oversee the daily flight operations of Liberty Air at London Stansted Airport and Chicago O’Hare International Airport.

“Best long-term solution”

The carrier previously announced plans to relocate its London Gatwick operation center to its facility in Stansted, and relocate its Los Angeles and Miami operation centres to its facility in Chicago. Subsequently, Liberty Air realised it needed more space for the expanded operations centres, which will manage the day-to-day operations of its flight networks including flight dispatching, maintenance delays, load planning for aircraft and rerouting of aircraft when bad weather occurs. “It became apparent that the best long-term solution are new, state-of-the-art facilities that can house all of our executive team members and the technology needed for our daily demands,” the carrier said in the letter.

Operations centres oversee and coordinate all aspects of flight planning, dispatch and monitoring, including managing the weight and balance of each aircraft before departure, tracking flights and adjusting for delays and cancellations.

Visit Liberty Air online at:

Now Boarding! The Happiest Skies on Earth! – Introducing Disney Air


Welcome to Disney Air, the Happiest Skies on Earth! Our commitment to professionalism, the highest quality of service, and satisfaction is unrivaled! Based in sunny Southern California, home of beautiful beaches, great culture, and of course, The Happiest Place ON Earth!

Whether you are a pilot in training, a veteran ATP captain, a flight sim enthusiast, or any combination, Disney Air strives to provide the most comprehensive and exciting experience to provide hours of a quality flight environment that will satisfy everyone!

Disney Air flies the latest equipment available from the small CRJ-900 to the Majestic A380-800.  We have a wide variety of routes available and are added it hundreds daily.  Want us to commission a new airplane? Just ask!

With tours, rewards, contests, and more, your career with Disney Air will be one of the most satisfying experiences available! Come visit us at to become a member of the team!

We thank you for you interest in our airline and do hope to see you in the Happiest Skies On Earth!

Welcome Aboard!

Introducing Canada Air Virtual

canada air virtualCanada Air Virtual offers a professional and friendly environment with a relaxed staff team structure and welcomes all virtual pilots regardless of skill level. Canada Air Virtual is a fictional virtual airline that simulates the operations of a fictitious airline company “Canada Air”.

We base our operations on real world scenarios but our pilots are free to explore the whole world as we only exist in the fictional virtual world of flight simulation and are not tied to real world airline hubs, fleets and schedules. Pilots of Canada Air Virtual enjoy the flexibility to fly any aircraft, livery, and route or charter flight at any time.

We fully support Microsoft Flight Simulator X, Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004, Prepar3D, and X-Plane. Our vision at Canada Air Virtual is simply to return enjoyment to your hobby of flight simulation. Just as our slogan says “It’s your time to fly” so enjoy yourself and have fun!

Canada Air Virtual is currently recruiting pilots & staff members and invite you to visit us at


* Cessna 172
* Beech Baron 58
* Beechcraft King Air 350 Continue reading

Canadian Xpress February 2017 Challenge – Canada 150th Anniversary II

CXA_Febr_2017_ChallengeWelcome to the Canadian Xpress Canada 150th Challenge, where over the next 7 months, we will tour the great nation of Canada as it and its people celebrate the 150th anniversary of Confederation.

Starting in the current Capital of Ottawa we head west to Toronto, Winnipeg and the western provincial capitals. From there we turn north to visit the 3 territory capitals and then on to the East coast provincial capitals along with Quebec City. At which point we head for the final stop of Kingston Ontario, Canada’s first capital and home of Confederation.

This is a multi-leg 7,000nm journey, which will be flown in Canadian Built aircraft. For the longer legs sit back and enjoy the cruising comfort of the Bombardier CRJ-700. On the shorter to Continue reading

Canadian Xpress February Fly-In – Queenstown


Queenstown Airport is one of Australia’s fastest-growing airports and is New Zealand’s fourth busiest airport for passenger numbers. Located in Frankton, 10 minutes from the internationally renowned four-season resort of Queenstown, the airport services the surrounding region with daily domestic flights and regular direct trans-Tasman flights.

Queenstown Airport is also one of New Zealand’s busiest helicopter bases and is heavily used for tourist ‘flightseeing’, especially to Milford Sound and Mount Cook, using both fixed-wing and rotary-wing aircraft.

New Zealand’s Queenstown Airport is flying high after being voted ‘World’s Most Scenic Airport Landing’ in an annual poll conducted by international private jet booking service PrivateFly.

Canadian Xpress® would like to invite all pilots to Continue reading

Canadian Xpress January Fly-In – Saint Maarten


It’s a New Year, and like passed years, we are returning to an old favorite of all our pilots. As we leave the winter weather and head for Saint Maarten.

Saint Maarten is a constituent country of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. It encompasses the southern half of the Caribbean island of Saint Martin, while the northern half of the island constitutes the French overseas collectivity of Saint-Martin. Its capital is Philipsburg.

Well renowned for its plane spotting Maho beach under runway 10, Saint Maarten is now a big vacation resort and the landings and takeoffs are Continue reading

Meridian Virtual Transformed from FlyUAA in December 2016

MeridianVirtualMeridian Virtual was founded as a Code Share and Charter Virtual Airline.  We operate flights for Delta and United as well as our core charter flights in the NE, Caribbean and Southern California.  Our current hubs are located at (KFLL) Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport and (KSNA) John Wayne-Orange County Airport. In addition to the code shares, we offer a variety of ways our pilots can select a flight.  We have a random jobs generator that spits out a variety of jobs throughout the day; we have our Charter Ops center where the job is available until flown and the system rarely repeats; and finally we have our Cargo Ops center which functions much like the Charter Ops center, but you have the option of flying various Cargo missions big, medium and small.  If that is not enough for you we have over 10,000 routes in the database.  Our main database has over 2,400 different airports.  We do this to keep the system running quickly and smoothly.  If you do not find an airport you like, just search our Charter Ops database which contains over 43,000 airports.

Meridian is one of the more challenging Virtual Airlines to join and fly for.  Our goal is not to have hundreds of inactive pilots that have not flown in months.  We also seek more experienced pilots than the average Virtual Airline.  In order to attract more active and more experienced pilots, we have spent money on the best modules available to give you a lot of options, and a quality web client.  Our entrance exam is not very easy to pass, but for the experienced Virtual Pilot it should be no issue.  Half the test covers basic piloting skills and the other half covers our rules.  We require each pilot to fly a minimum of 10 hours per month.  All PIREPS must have a landing rate under -600 fpm, overspeeds must be under 16kts, and correct altitude for Continue reading!

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