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Aerosoft to release Spanish Airports 2

Aerosoft today announced that the next sequel of Spanish Airports series will be released next month.
Spanish Airports 2, as it is called, includes the airports of Sevilla, Grenada, Reus and Girona all in high detail.
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Level-D announces 757 project

Level-D, the company that brought us an ultra realistic 767
for MS Flight Simulator today officially announced it is working on a
Boeing 757 for MS Flight Simulator.

The 757 is known as a high-performing aircraft that is well suited for shorter,
inter-continental flights, as well as longer-range flights, all operating from a
variety of airport types.
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Electronic Flight Bag released

FSWidgets has released Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) 2004.
Like in the real world, the virtual EFB contains maps, weather
information and manuals.

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PSS announces 777 professional

Phoenix Simulation Software is about to release the Boeing
777 modelled in both the -200LR and -300ER variants. Expected
release date is November 4th. It is painted in 19 liveries, from United
to Singapore Airlines to Qantas, and an extensive list of features.

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NL-2000 v3 scenery release date set

The Netherlands 2000 team has decided to release version 3 in the first half of 2006.
The development team has been reluctant to release information on the new
NL2000 version 3 as to not make any promises
we can’t keep.

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FS Passengers update now available!

       An update of the FS Passengers (FsP) program is now available at the FsP website.

       FsP adds more realism to FlightSim
by adding passengers and emergency situations to your flights.
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Active Camera updated

        AntiCyclonE has updated
ActiveCamera to version 2.1. This update comes with a virtual tower
view which enables watching AI-traffic from the tower.
        A bug in FlyBy mode has been
solved and approach mode acts like it did before version 2.0.
You can download the update from the AntiCyclonE web site.
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