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vaBase Overhauled: New Look and New Price

PIREP system and virtual airline management software provider vaBase ( has decided to revamp its website in an effort to reinvigorate its web presence. Created by a group of skilled developers who recognized a need for affordable, customizable and highly professional, automated scripts for virtual airlines, vaBase has also recently reworked its price-point making the cutting-edge software system more affordable than ever before. Prices for vaBase have dropped to just £19.99 / $29.99 for the full system. Currently on release is vaBase v2.0 Deluxe, packed full of smart accessories to compliment a VA including ACARS scripts, fully automated PIREP system, flight planning software and more.

Myles Knight, when talking about the new v2.0 release said, “We have now also included vaBase flight planner into the package at no extra cost giving [the consumers] the opportunity to build a feature rich virtual airline at minimal cost.” He went on to say, “[this enables the consumer] to keep up with today’s competition! We have also taken the approach of building a one-stop-shop for VA entrepreneurs with our new design service.” Continue reading


SynerJet Virtual Rides Valkyrie to Historic First Flight

SynerJet Virtual, the virtual airline established by the Synergy ATC Academy ( has recently become the first virtual airline to return the North American XB-70 Valkyrie to active service, utilizing the supersonic aircraft for its high-speed cargo and charter services division. The first flight for the SynerJet XB-70 originated from its home base at the Dover Air Force Base in Delaware and terminated at the Princess Juliana International Airport on the Dutch side of the island of Saint Martin in the Caribbean some 1600 miles away. The flight, which operated at or above FL750 at over mach 3.2 took just a little over an hour to complete. Continue reading


Cleared Own Navigation: The New York Flying Club Off to Phenomenal Start

Pilots tired of the day-to-day grind of virtual airline flying now have a VFR/IFR GA option with the New York Flying Club. Quickly gaining popularity on the VATSIM network, and operating in both FSX and X-Plane, the New York Flying Club emphasizes VFR and IFR flying in single-engined (and sometime multi-engined) piston or turboprop aircraft operating from F.B.O.’s away from the crowded skies around Class-B airspace. Their website is chock-full of information and any interested pilots should visit them at: Continue reading


VAFS Competitor Scheduled for Entry Februrary 2009

On Februrary 1, 2009, a new online pilot reporting system is scheduled to enter the FSX virtual airline market. Pirep Systems ( is currently showcasing a demo version of their latest pirep software on their website and is looking to garner interest as they work toward a February 2009 launch.  Envisioned as a competitor to Mike Smith’s Virtual Airline Financial System (VAFS), Pirep Systems is set to be the latest entry in a market with few players. Continue reading


Synergy ATC Academy On-Track to Begin U.S. Operations

A new FSX-based ATC training academy is set to open in the coming weeks. For those interested in becoming skilled air traffic controllers, Synergy ATC Academy, (, is to begin operations from a U.S. hub by the end of October 2008. Prospective members are encouraged to check the website often as information becomes available.

In addition to controller training, Synergy ATC Academy also plans an in-depth flight school (Synergy Flight Academy) and a virtual airline (Syner-Jet Virtual), set to take-off in the months following the launch of the ATC training school. Continue reading


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