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Aerosoft announces Monaco 2005

Aerosoft today announced Monaco 2005. This small country – just 1.95 sq
km or 0.75 sq mi – does not have an airport. Instead it has a heliport.
Every hour several choppers fly to and from Nice airport to pick up the
few people who can afford a house in the nicer parts of the city.

The scenery is very impressive. As Aerosoft says on their product page, the real feature is the looks, but here’s a list:

- Night effects as never seen before;

LNMC Heliport in incredible detail;

- Helideck on the Lady Moira, one of the
biggest yachts in the world;

- Suitable repaint of the Robinson

- Good attention to framerates (but it IS dense and complex

- Automated update check from within FS;

- Moderate download

Visit the Monaco 2005 product page here (with lots of screenshots)


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