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NuRoads looking for beta testers

MS Flight Simulator 2004 displays very little variety in the appearance of
roads, highways, railways and streams.
NuRoads Re-Paver" enhances
the appearance of your scenery by replacing the original road and highway
surfaces with an assortment of pavement effects: light concrete, dark asphalt,
colored road markings, a variety of static vehicular traffic, and seasonal
variety such as winter snow drifts.

"NuRoads" is looking for additional volunteers to participate in a beta test

of version 2.1.
Version 2.1 adds many new features including  "Roads
and Rivers of Europe" and "All Roads of Europe".

Beta participants
must be using Windows XP, FS2004, and "Roads and Rivers of Europe" or  All
Roads of Europe".

To participate, please contact
You can view some screenshots by clicking here.


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