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Mega Airport Frankfurt

The new Mega Airport Frankfurt is now for sale in Aerosofts online shop. The publisher writes in a press release:
"This represents the future of flight simulation. Sure that is a big claim but we
believe it is true. Not only is this scenery superbly detailed and extremely
detailed but it actually expands what used to be possible in FS2004."

"Using a module based system the vehicle traffic is expanded to realistic levels.
Now that is important because at any airport there are far more cars driving
around than aircraft taxiing. Add to that the highway you cross on landing and
that has hundreds of cars (depending on time of day of course) and you got a new
Flight Simulator. One that is far more alive then before.

As said, the
scenery is very detailed, but as it is even better optimized, it will not be
slow on your system. But take care, using AI Traffic at full setting will give
you an incredible number of aircraft, but also might slow your system down.
That’s FS, not the product."

For more information and more screenshots, visit the Mega Airport Frankfurt product page.



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