ATA virtual implements new changes

        ATA Virtual is proud to
announce its rank structure has now been implemented into the pilot
database! Pilots may now enjoy epaulets to mark their rank, and
furthermore, a system where staff can easily see when a pilot has been
        Alec Peters, the
Indianapolis Hub Manager, worked last night on the system. Alec
commented, "I am glad that I was able to help implement the rank
structure and know that it will improve the airline."        ATAv also takes this
opportunity to announce Alec Peters had been promoted to the position
of Chief Operations Officer. The former Indianapolis Hub Manager now
replaces Matt Biegner as the COO. "Alec’s work here speaks for itself,"
CEO and Chairman Nick Bartolotta said in a news conferance, "His
willingness to step up to the challenge is a perfect example of his
management style."
        "I would also like to
publically thank Mr. Biegner for his hard-work in making ATAv what it
is today."

        Please take a moment to visit the ATAv Forums ( for more information.


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