EuroHarmony changes website URL, announces ProPilot release date

Due to some problems with the last Internet Hosting Provider, EuroHarmony has changed it’s address URL to
EuroHarmony’s CEO, Bruno Falcão, tells us that this new URL also is more modern and much more talkative.

In a near future, EuroHarmony will get back the old URL pointing to this new one, but for now only the new one is working.

In other news, EuroHarmony informed that its new branch system, ProPilot, will be launched on 17th of October.

Kendy Mathes, Public Relations Manager, said that "no one ever saw a so close to reality system like this one. We will also give pilots a new vision of what a Virtual Airline can offer on future. More will follow us, but we can say that we will be the first ones to have it."

We will expect to give you more news in the mean time.

Visit EuroHarmony at


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