VUSSP EWOSAT Program Provides Global Earth Observation

This past weekend it  was announced that the answer to
the world’s difficulty to adequately observe, track, and notify the
appropriate government institutions of severe and extreme weather has
been found.  In the wake of the 2004 Tsunami that took the lives
of over 110,000 men, women, and children, something must be done to
prevent the lapse of communication ability that the people of India,
Indonesia, and other nations who had no warning of the oncoming danger

    The EWOSAT (Earth Weather Observation Satellite)
program is the first part of a two part system that will allow for
global weather coverage.  The network will consist of four
satellites earth observation satellites that include a multitude of
sensors, 19 in total, that measure and take readings of the status of
the atmosphere, observe global weather, and study regional and global
climate shifts.  The program will also help scientists better
understand how the build-up of carbon dioxide (CO2) and global warming
factor into regional and global climate shifts and if there is a direct
correlation between them.

In addition to serving as a early warning and weather detection system,
EWOSAT will give the VUSSP weather forecasting capabilities.  A
real-time weather prediction center will be placed online that will
provide accurate global weather forecast information to be used by
anyone from pilots to scientists.  This system will be free of

More information on the EWOSAT program may be found at  The full EWOSAT program proposal which details every part of the program may be downloaded from


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