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EuroHarmony ProPilot has been lauched

EuroHarmony announces that their 5 month development new
branch system has been launched on the planned date of October 17th.

The system has new features like:

  • Dynamic Fleet Timetable. You can only do a flight from an airport
    where airplanes are stationed. When you lock in your flight, no one
    else will be able to fly your route at the same time! Also, when you
    end your flight, your airplane moves from the departure airport to the
    destination airport.
  • Airplane crash detection.
  • Failures on flights. With a complex probability calculation, every
    flight that you make can have failures generated by the system.
  • Penalties.
  • Flight Analysis.
  • Permanent fleet state. Airplanes go to maintenance if they have failures, and no one can fly them at that time.
  • Passengers waiting on flights. Everyday the system calculates how
    many passengers are waiting on every flight, and when you select a
    flight to fly, you load the number of passengers for the maximum
    airplane capacity.

"Just to show you some statistics, on the first 24 hours we got 25
flights made and 8000 lines of ACARS information keeped, " Bruno
Falcão, EuroHarmony CEO said.

"On a flight we record all the info from minute to minute. About 40 hours of flight time just in the first 24 hours"

Mr. Falcão said: "I also think that ProPilot is useful for
virtual airlines to know how they can improve their systems."

To visit EuroHarmony, go to


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