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Fly UK releases winter charter schedule

The managers at Fly UK Virtual Airways are pleased to announce that the Winter Charter Programme 2005/2006 operations have now commenced.  These operations will remain in force for the winter season leading from December to March next year.The new routes that have been implemented into the flight database are orientated from three departure hubs consisting of London Gatwick (EGKK), Blackpool (EGNH) and London Luton (EGGW), and all of the routes are flown using the majority of the Fly UK aircraft including the Embraer 170, the Boeing 737, the Airbus 320 and several others.

The destinations which are the most important factor about the new Winter Charter Programme include some of the most popular locations for winter season flights, both local and worldwide.  Innsbruck, Geneva, Nis, Grenoble, Stockholm and Lapland of course, are just a small sample of the destinations that are integrated into the new route database.

The Winter Charter Programme routes were constructed by two dedicated Fly UK members: the recently promoted Tim Chambers, who has now become a Senior Manager at Fly UK, and Charlie Baker, who is a committed pilot at Fly UK and has been a member for over a year.

Tim Chambers commented: “Charlie and I decided that it would be best to include only one of the major hubs at Fly UK and introduce two different hubs, solely for the purpose of the Winter Charter Programme.  By doing this, it is intended that we can increase the range of airports that our pilot’s depart from, and consequently broaden the number of destinations that our pilot’s can fly to, from the hubs used in the Charter Programme.”

More information with regards to the Winter Charter Programme 2005/2006 can be found at: Detailed information, with regards to the programme, and the different flight details can be found on this page.

For further information on Fly UK Virtual Airways in general, visit


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