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ePirep Enters Beta Testing

With ePirep (Electronic Pilot Report System) virtual airlines can manage pilot reports in real-time and they are also able to post news and announcements for their pilots.
With the cooperation of Alaska Virtual the Beta Testing of ePirep has officially begun on 1/27/2006.

"Validating pilot reports has never been easier with ePirep’s simple but well equipped interface. Staff members can accept or refuse a pilot report with just two quick clicks, " developer and creator Tibor Soltesz commented.

ePirep makes it possible for pilots to file pilot reports, read news and look at the roster while playing Flight Simulator. They are also able to view their profile including the accepted flown time.

If the current testing by Alaska Virtual is successful, ePirep will be made available by the
summer of 2006.
"If you feel you can’t wait that long, we still need
some more virtual airlines to cooperate with the testing, " Mr. Soltesz says.

This concept might make the process of starting up a new virtual airline even easier, as little knowledge is needed to get it all running. However, most of vaflash readers concluded that there are too many virtual airlines around nowadays.

There is a demo available at the ePirep web site. For a limited time everyone can try out ePirep with the following
login: Callsign: demo, Password: password.

Visit ePirep’s website at


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