Rubber Ducky VFR Now Open

A new VFR flying club has opened its doors. Rubber Ducky VFR. To celebrate the grand opening, pilots will depart from the club’s home airport, Tyler
Pounds Regional Airport (KTYR), for Rubber Ducky VFR’s first racing
event at 9:30 PM CST on February 15th, 2006.

"We have started the construction of Rubber Ducky VFR.  I am glad to have this opportunity and I look forward to representing Rubber Ducky VFR as CEO, " Isaac Niedrauer said.

Rubber Ducky VFR will hold numbers of events including racing and formation flying competitions all held on the VATSIM network.  Teams will include different Virtual Airlines and VFR Clubs as well as Rubber Ducky VFR.

Rubber Ducky VFR has opened earlier than originally planned.

Visit the VFR club at


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