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Empora re-opens after merge with Sheikh Airlines

Empora has reopened its website to the public. Empora’s site was down for the past month and a half due to a merge into Shiekh Air’s systems. Earlier this month, Empora Airlines sold a 60% stake of the company to Sumptuary Travel Group. Sumptuary already owns all of Dubai based, Sheikh Airlines.Empora is a small airline mainly flying to destinations in the United States, with a pilot base of about 10-15 and a fleet consisting entirely of Boeing aircraft, ranging from 737 to 777.

The airline has developed its own Pilot reporting system, called Loyalty. “The Loyalty system used by Empora and Sheikh is unique to these VA’s. It includes a very in depth booking system, automatic PIREP, download center and many other great things missing in most VA’s today, ” a company spokesman told reporters.

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