Europa Airways looks forward to opening

Staff at Europa Airways have been working hard the past year to develop an airline that soon will commence flights from its home base Lisbon, Portugal and their London Heathrow hub. Today it has set its opening date to the first of October.

The airline, which presents itself as a holiday airline, offers many different flights to touristic destinations in Europe.

Starting with a fleet of 15 Boeing 737-800′s, the airline has plans to add 2 Boeing 777-200 aircraft to its fleet so destinations such as St. Maarten, Jamaica and Rio de Janeiro can be added to the network.

Says CEO Mr Andre Pereira Figueira, “Our main goal is to provide FS enthousiasts with a great community and provide more realism to your simulation. Our great custom designed PIREP system provides pilots with everything they need to have great realistic flights.”

There are still a number of open staff position. Visit the virtual airline at


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