Eurobelgian Airlines launched

After months of preparatory work, the new Eurobelgian Holding has started operations today.

Flanders Airlines, founded in 2006 has been asked to join the GlobalOne alliance. To meet with the targets of this alliance, the parent company of Flanders Airlines, the ACBA Group, has decided to reintegrate the airline inside a new holding.

The result of this decision can be found in the “Eurobelgian Holding”. The holding company will comprise two airlines: the existing, but changed Flanders Airlines and a new airline, named Eurobelgian Airlines.
Although both airlines are seen as two separated airlines, they will work under one AOC. This will result in one commercial website, one crew list and an extended cooperation. It can be seen as Flanders Airlines would be a franchise airline of Eurobelgian airlines with conservation of its own identity.

Eurobelgian Airlines will start operations from Brussels national Airport. Eurobelgian will operate European as well as intercontinental flights from its main hub.

Additionally some leisure flights from Brussels and Ostend to Mediterranean holiday destinations are performed.

The fleet compromises existing, second hand as well as new aircraft. We have acquired three ‘young’ Boeing 767-300ER and we have just received three new Airbus A319s. The rest of the fleet will be composed of ex-Flanders Airlines and ex-ACBA aircraft such as the Embraer 170, Airbus A320 and Airbus A321.

Eurobelgian wants to offer passengers from/to Belgium comfortable flights with the choice of low fare or flexibility, although a full inflight service will always be included. Furthermore Eurobelgian airlines wants to profile itself as the GlobalOne gateway to continental Europe with its high standard, legacy operations.

Flanders Airlines, reduced, will continue operating from its main hub Antwerp Airport. Reduced will especially mean, a reduced fleet, as part of it will go to Eurobelgian Airlines. The current ERJ135s and A318s were phased out and will be replaced by three Bombardier Q400s. The Q400s are expected next month. Two of them will come from Cerulean Airlines, the other one will come right from the factory.
Flanders Airlines wants to fulfil al the needs of the modern businessman: fast performances and competitive prices, although with all services included. The flight hours are adjusted for the daily travelling businessman, although Flanders Airlines also offers city trip deals during weekends.
Like Eurobelgian airlines, passengers will have the choice between low fare and flexibility.

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