FlyUK opens flying club

Fly UK, one of the UK’s leading virtual airlines, celebrating its 4th year of operations this year, has today launched a new flying club for its pilots.

The new flying club, which has bases in the UK at Cumbernauld, Sherburn and Shoreham allows pilots to have a break from the normal scheduled operations and hop into a light aircraft or helicopter for some VFR flying! Pilots are encouraged to fly on the airlines in-house FSD server, although also welcomes pilots to fly online on the IVAO/VATSIM networks. The club plans to organise regular group and adventure events as well as introducing a number of club tours, including a UK helicopter tour. Pilots have the use of a personal logbook to log flights and also have the option of taking up one2one training courses with the airlines in house Training Academy that includes an instructor who holds a real world PPL.

CEO Chris Sutcliffe comments “The new flying club is an exciting new addition to Fly UK’s existing variety of operations. The idea came about from our involvement in flight sim events at the real world Sherburn Area Club in Yorkshire earlier this year. For existing pilots, it opens up a whole new experience of flying, it also gives non members another great reason to join Fly UK.”

More information on the Fly UK Flying Club can be found here


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