FS Airpark looking for developers

FS Airpark is a new site for virtual pilots, particularly virtual airline pilots. Like a real airpark, FS Airpark is designed to be your home on the web. Pilots can get “paid” to fly for any virtual airline, or start their own within FS Airpark’s realistic economic environment. Pilots can also use their virtual money to buy airplanes, homes, FBOs, and more.

According to founder CEO, the database design is almost complete. The next stage will be developing a PHP-driven website to interface the database with users.

“This is where I need help! If you have experience with this kind of thing and would like to be a part of something many other virtual aviators will find interesting, check out the website, and send me an e-mail, ” says founder Dave.

“I’m working hard on this site because I think a lot of other people will find it interesting and a fresh alternative to the other economic systems available in the FS community. I’m taking a fundamentally different approach to the economic system idea. Instead of creating a system which specializes in scheduled airlines (FlyNET, VAFinancials) or general aviation (FSEconomy), this system merely keeps track of pilots, aircraft, and other relevant items, and lets the users decide how they’re used. This way, there is no inherent bias toward a specific type of operation (charter, scheduled, private flights, etc.).”

“The more help I get, the sooner this site will be up and running, ” Dave concludes.

Visit the web site at


Editor’s question: What do you think, does the virtual airline community need another virtual economy, or do you think there are enough of these? Leave your comment below.


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