VAFS Competitor Scheduled for Entry Februrary 2009

On Februrary 1, 2009, a new online pilot reporting system is scheduled to enter the FSX virtual airline market. Pirep Systems ( is currently showcasing a demo version of their latest pirep software on their website and is looking to garner interest as they work toward a February 2009 launch.  Envisioned as a competitor to Mike Smith’s Virtual Airline Financial System (VAFS), Pirep Systems is set to be the latest entry in a market with few players.

Some features of the new program include: the ability to register new members, add members, assign members a rank, list total hours by member, list total hours by airline, register flights, remove flights from schedule, remove members, edit members, edit flights, and list total flights. The software is currently in v1.0 build but is currently developing v1.1 to be ready for the February 2009 release.

Any airlines interested in using Pirep Systems Software should visit their website for more information.


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