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Aloha ‘Oe: The Hawaii Express Bows Out of the Hawaiian Air Travel Market

In an unexpected turn, Hawaii-based The Hawaii Express has decided to close its operations effective November 22, 2008. This announcement follows recent downsizing that saw the company return an Airbus Industrie A380 back to the leasing company. Recent membership drives had been slow to produce results and submitted pireps were at an all-time low. The airline operated a fleet of DC-9, DC-10, A330 and A340 aircraft. Peter McKay, C.E.O. of The Hawaii Express, has expressed his gratitude to all of those who have supported the company during its tenure. Sadly, by December 1, 2008 The Hawaii Express web pages will have been removed from the server and all traces of the airline deleted from the internet. At the time of press, email addresses associated with the virtual airline have already ceased operating.

The Hawaii Express was an innovator in the Hawaiian inter-island market maintaining two version of its operations– a historically accurate rendition and a contemporary adaptation, both proudly displaying the spirit of The Hawaii Express name.

McKay will take this opportunity to refocus his efforts to revive and relaunch the popular Air Fresno brand name alongside his daughter, Sarah. “Using our tried and true Raytheon/Beech 1900D fleet, and some of the more popular routes,” said the elder McKay, “[Air Fresno] airline is now back in operation with a slim schedule for now.”  Interested pilots can visit Air Fresno’s new website at: Pilots for now-defunct The Hawaii Express wishing to transfer over to the new airline are asked to contact: for LOA requests or more information. McKay closed his last The Hawaii Express press release saying, “I look forward to returning operations to Air Fresno as we close out our 10th year since it’s creation. I hope to see all of you as well.”

Everyone at sends our best wishes to everyone at The Hawaii Express and we wish Air Fresno and its newly revitalized management team the very best.

Me ka `oia`i`o aloha ‘oe a hui hou.


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  • Cap'n H says:

    Another Hawaii-based VA goes the way of Aloha Airlines; lamentable. If it’s an opinion wanted, I would go with the use of FSACARS as being a reason why I did not give THX any consideration. Perhaps others did likewise as well. Viva Air Fresno.

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