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Bourne Aviation Now Complete After Recent Additions

The Bourne Aviation group is now complete with the approval of the final ten of its now 35 virtual airline-stong coalition. Malaysia Airlines, Vietnam Airlines, Turkish Airlines, TAM Brasil, Hawaiian Airlines, TAP Portugal, Austrian Airlines, TACA Airlines, Kenya Airways, and Korean Air are now a part of Bourne Aviation; for a complete list of current alliance members can be found at:

Although they will be stopping expansion in terms of adding airlines for now, Bourne Aviation will be expanding on communication, design, and other things of that nature that will benefit their pilots.

In a related story, as Horizon Air discontinued its use of the Q200 aircraft, Bourne Aviation will take action to reflect these changes in their system as well.

Bourne Aviation is a group of virtual airlines offering an advanced system for recording all the flights in one single logbook, a ranking system based directly on the number of hours flown, a dedicated “Flying School,” maps generated for logbooks, a very rich and informative list of recommended pay ware and free-ware add-ons for Microsoft Flight Simulator 9 and Microsoft Flight Simulator X, a friendly flight simulation community for members to meet other Bourne Aviation pilots, a collection of free-ware aircraft and repaints compatible with FSX and FS9, and their defining feature, a single account to fly all our virtual airlines. For more information, visit their site at:


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