Empora Air Completes Quick Acquisition of Swift Air

In a surprise move, New York based Empora Air recently announce it has acquired the competing Swift Air, a boutique airline with operations similiar to that of Empora. Swift Air’s two Boeing 767s will be absorbed into Empora Air’s technologically advanced fleet consisting of the latest A330, B737, B767, and B777 aircraft. The A320 aircraft previously flown under Empora Air colours are now available for lease and/or sale and all interested parties should contact the Empora Air C.E.O. for more information.

Empora Air is also celebrating their one-year anniversary with a membership drive envisioned to boost membership numbers and create buzz around the Empora Air brand name. They have continued work on their website, but more information can be found at:

In related news, Empora Air Management also announced they are delaying their acquistion of the Airbus Industrie A330-200 aircraft they previously had on order from EADS. The airline stated they are planing to scale back their previous expansion plans due to rising costs and increased interest in more ambiguous routes. The short-range international and domestic routes announced previously will still be implemented; however, the plan to start a low-cost service from JFK to BOS and DCA has been scrapped as Empora has the unique opportunity to take advantage of the rapidly growing luxury/high end market.

Empora is looking into areas where there is new wealth not affected by the current economic downturn in the United States and parts of Western Europe. Destinations such as Russia and China have been deprived the opportunity to advance socially and economically until now and Empora has been analyzing the success of other types of luxury goods companies such as fashion, automotive, and other businesses that have expanded in these regions. They see a unique opportunity for their unique service intergrating luxury and comfort throughout the vacation and business travel markets.

(Information taken from an Empora Air Offical Press Release dated: 10 November 2008.)


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