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New jetEngland Virtual Buys 737-800

JetEngland Virtual, a new virtual airline based in the UK, today announced the roll out of the Boeing 737-800. The 737-800, which is the smallest aircraft in the fleet will be used to shuttle passengers accross the United Kingdom and European destinations.

In a statement released by Matthew Garner, COO, Garner states “The introduction of the 737 in our fleet allows us to introduce smaller, better and cheaper flights around Europe. Doing this allows us to target a wider audience during this recession.”

JetEngland’s fleet now consists of Boeing 767-300 ER and Boeing 737-800 aircraft. Says Mr Garner, “The aircraft is due to be tested tomorrow and is already painted in our house livery.”

In other news the airline announced the introduction of Charity Liveries on its Boeing 767 aircraft. “We can contribute to those who need help and at the same time support their need when we are flying 35,000 feet in the virtual skies, ” Garner stated.



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