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A319 Instead of A320 for Cirrus Air

Today officials at Cirrus Air discussed future plans for the airline which involved the airlines maintenance operations, the delivery of its aircraft and the announcement of route changes.  Cirrus Air has changed its aircraft order from 5 airbus A320 aircraft to 2 Airbus A319, and 3 Airbus A320-232 aircraft. “The smaller A319 we plan to operate on the less popular routes reducing available seats and filling up planes, we don’t like empty seats, it costs money”, stated Jeremy Ballsmith airline CEO and Founder.

With the delivery of five new aircraft Cirrus has announced plans to deliver the aircraft to Rockford, IL, just north of Chicago. Delivery of the airlines fleet will begin by the first of the month and staff from Cirrus Air will be allowed ferry flights.

Over the next 5 months the aircraft will be delivered, one plane every month until the entire fleet is parked at Rockford. “Rockford was our choice in that the airline not even flying yet needs to keep costs down for the passenger. We start by parking our planes in a less populated and less expensive airport”, stated Quinn Rogness the airlines HR Manager.

Officials also discussed the plans for its aircraft maintenance. The airline plans to operate it’s A and B checks with the help of JetBlue Airways at its JFK base of operations. Furthermore the airline plans to send its fleet to Victorville for its C checks and lastly back to the Airbus Factory for its D checks.

“This maintenance plan has been built by all of the Cirrus execs and is hoped to keep costs low and efficiency high. With contracting the airlines A&B checks to another airline such as JetBlue, we feel safe sending our planes there since after all they operate the same fleet”, stated Dan Genaw airline COO.

And lastly from the Cirrus Air news desk, major route changes have been made to the airlines network. Opening destinations will include Chicago Midway, Buffalo, Boston, New York, JFK, Orlando, Myrtle Beach, New Orleans and Fort Myers.


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