Wings Over Holland Starts Junior Department

To lower the so called “threshold” in joining a virtual airline, Wings Over Holland has decided to develop a separate department: “Junior Wings Over Holland”.
This department, being a holding company of WOH, will be directed by inspired members who are experienced in virtual flying.

New junior members who register at WHO and point out that they have none -or minimal experience, can make themselves acquired with the terminology and the operation methods to fly a plane.
A separate radio-frequency and airport in FSX are of course assigned.

Developing a department on this way we hope that there will be a flow through from beginning members to the more professional sessions of WOH.
Also with the foundation of this department the management hopes to prevent mutuel incomprehension that can cause irritation on both sides.

“By doing things on this way we are sure to simplify the access of our airline and in the same time provide a positive contribution to the use of the internet nowadays among juniors, ” a spokesperson said.

Visit (note: the site is in Dutch)


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