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Eagle Valley Air Established New Hubs

In recent weeks Eagle Valley Air has opened new hubs in Nepal, New Guinea, Norway, Polynesia and Argentina, providing some of the most challenging and exciting bush flying opportunities in the world. The addition of these new hubs expands the airline’s coverage of the bush flying world with its hubs already established in the Pacific Northwest and the Caribbean.

“We have expanded our fleet as our hubs have grown. We have recently purchased Quest Kodiaks, Cessna 441′s, Epic LT Dynasties, and Dornier 228′s to improve our service in these new areas. These new planes are in addition to our existing fleet of Beavers, Twin Otters, DC-3′s, Stationairs and Caravans, ” says a company spokesperson.

He continues, “Eagle Valley Air is always accepting applications. We have no restrictions on your flying habits or superficial minimums for your participation except that you need to love bush flying. If you are just getting started, we can assist you.”



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