Kesuk Virtual Commences Operations

The underlying theme of every conversation these days is the economy. The economy has affected all of us in this nation and also the globalized economy. However the undertone of the Kesuk Virtual, opening ceremony at Fairbanks International Airport was that of promise, and industrial success.

“As citizens of the tight but far reaching community in Alaska, we know that travel and basic transportation of supplies is sometimes a challenge, ” a company spokesman said.
Kesuk Virtual has brought new light and hope into both of these areas with their energy and fresh ideas. Kesuk will be connecting the pipe line, and remote cities with the major cities of Alaska, in several different airplane types, the L100 Hercules, ATR-72, Beech 1900, and the most exciting of them all the Beriev 103. The Beriev103 will allow Kesuk, to service towns, remote areas along the line, and areas only serviceable by water landings.

The spokesman continued stating that “[...] as a community, we have had little to look forward to, but Kesuk Virtual has given us so much to be excited about, and intends on employing hundreds of locals, to help give a real stimulus to the community of Alaska.”

As founder and CEO Roger Bates says, Kesuk services Alaska as the crow flies, or in some instances as the duck flies.

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