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Air India Virtual Opens For Registration

For all pilots interested in simming in this developing region in Asia a new exciting VA opens up, Air India Virtual which consists of three airlines: Air India Virtual, Indian Airlines Virtual and Air India Express Virtual. The first two form the merged new company Air India as in real life and the budget carrier making up the third.

As once mentioned in an article on FlightSim.Com, this airline doesn’t have rigid rules and has very friendly management, it has many interesting aspects and features like pilots can fly the widest range of airline aircraft types like B744, B777, B767, B738, A330, A319, A320, A321, A310, CRJ or even B742 when we consider historical fleet since these aircraft have been and are a part of the real world fleet. Photo and video galleries to record great flying moments and more.

The VA will also have inputs and help for newbies from real world pilots flying the very same aircraft and routes in real world.

Come fly this exciting new and friendly airline and area.

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