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Virtual ValuJet Airlines Hires Directors of Scheduling and Fleet Maintenence

Virtual ValuJet Airlines would like to welcome Miguel Hernandez as their new Director of Scheduling, and Jeff Stewart as Director of Fleet Maintenance.

In the recent news release VVA Founder and Chief Execuitive Officer Mike Crane said, “Miguel certainly has the drive to help VVA succeed. He is already hard at work, creating Virtual ValuJet’s route system. Congratulations Miguel, and welcome aboard!”.  

Mike then went on to say,  “Jeff Stewart has been a dear friend and mentor in the VA community for years. We are overjoyed to welcome Jeff to VVA as Director of Fleet Maintenance. He will sure keep our aircraft running safely and efficiently. It’s good to have you with us Jeff.”

Virtual ValuJet Airlines is still hiring for the following positions:

- Director of Human Resources

—–> More positions may become available!

Applicants must be 18 years or older and be able to speak, write, and understand english fluently. If you feel that you qualify and are interested in a rewarding career with Virtual ValuJet Airlines, please
contact  or


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