B6 Virtual Gearing Up To Officially Open

B6 finally has a home at VATUSA! CEO – Melinda Romig has created B6 Virtual to be a close knit family of pilots that celebrates the existence of everyone’s favorite “ Blue Tips “. With over 500 active routes all over the United States, Caribbean and South America we have something for just about everyone. Operating as close to real world as we can, B6 operates only the Airbus A320 and Embraer E190. Our official launch date isn’t until next month, however, we’re looking for pilots to continue to help us build the airline.

“ This is my first airline as the CEO. I think that more women should be a part of the virtual flying experience. Of course I love flying the Bus and love being a part of the events that VATUSA and it’s partner ARTCCs host. It’s a great tool for anyone wishing to become a real world pilot or just have some fun. “ – Melinda Romig

B6 Virtual has 5 hubs. John F Kennedy, Ft. Lauderdale, Orlando, Washington / Dulles, Boston and Long Beach. We have leased over 70 Aircraft through VaFinancials [ ] and have over 500 routes available. Come be a part of the team today!

Visit B6 Virtual at:


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