FlyZAP Announces Plans For 2010

FlyZAP Virtual has released their plans to the public. 20 new European destinations will be introduced in Spring 2010, along with 2 more A319s in January along with two A320s and two A321s in March. For more information, see our advert on YouTube (Search for “FlyZAP Virtual”). Also, the airline celebrated their 1st birthday on December 19th, after we commenced operations on the day in 2008. Also, a new livery is due to be painted. Anyone willing to become a painter is welcome, and can contact me at the address at the bottom.
We are still recruiting and expanding, so why not come along and look at the website and join us today. We are now looking into helping to get beginners off the ground, with our experienced pilots and some help from VATSIM. That’s all for now, so keep checking the website for updates…

Merry Xmas to you all,
Iain Robb


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