InterContinental Airways Announces Discontinuance of A330 Program

Orlando, FL – In an effort to streamline its fleet and optimize the airlines efficiency interContinental Airways (ICO) will terminate its long standing Airbus A330-200 program. Flights will slowly be transitioned to the Boeing 767-300ER type aircraft and some to the Boeing 777-200LR. The transition is scheduled to be completed by January 1, 2010.

The Airbus A330 has served our airline for over 3 years and has been somewhat of a controversial program given the company’s Boeing fleet.

The airline is also looking into acquiring new aircrafts to supplement its fleet and domestic demand on medium range flights. The company is now considering the addition of either the Boeing 757 or the Boeing 737-800W. The Boeing 757 would be added to the B767 type rating and the Boeing 737-800 to the existing B737 rating making use of the already trained pilots the company has. Announcement on this decision and selection of the airframe will be announced before the full discontinuance of the A330 program.

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