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Presenting Americas Air Force Virtual

Americas Air Force Virtual is not a new Virtual Airline but a facelift of Virtual Military Airlift Command (VMAC).

VMAC was launched in April, 2009 at, but over the course of months members spun off to form their own variant of the program, including a member who was inspired to reform his 1997 version of VMAC. So it was decided to distance ourselves from conflict.

Upper management decided to rebuild the successful program and give it a new mission and raise it from a beginners program to an intermediate program. With all the Virtual Airlines having used many variants of Virtual USAF and attempting to recreate every aspect of the USAF we choose to be practical, realizing we can not staff the complete USAF structure choose a few select commands and build on this.

We entitled this new program Americas Air Force Virtual in lieu of some derivative of the USAF as there is no attempt by founders to simulate the entire command structure. It’s about having fun. There are hands on opportunities for members. There is no VATSIM requirement (Optional) and there is no heavy training attempting to teach you how to fly your PC. We assume you can fly your Sim.

 The most difficult part of AAFV is the recruiting process, difficult, not because of any heavy requirement but virtual of your going to have to take a tour with the recruiting officer before you can find the application form. It is designed to force new members to learn about the program before they sign their John Hancock. 

AAFV is full of eye candy, ribbons, medals, badges and an extensive forum used as a Com-Center. It is a well organized and friendly program to be a part of. Most of the members are retired USAF and Naval veterans. Even if you’re not interested in joining the recruiting process is very entertaining.

David Zaleski
Chief of Staff
Americas Air Force


One Response to Presenting Americas Air Force Virtual

  • S D Martin says:

    I was wondering where the heck you were hiding and what you had been up to. I guess you finally found yourself a new home. See you
    S D

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