Vaflash Header Holiday Wishes!

I would like to wish everyone out there a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and prosperous New Year!

2009 was a great year and we saw lots of transition at  The site was brought back from the brink of extinction partly because of the generosity of the J.A, the founder and former owner of VAFlash.   We also have partnered with many new and older VAs alike and continue to give the flightsim community the very latest news in the virtual airline arena.  In 2009 we also started tweeting out all news on and serving up news via our RSS feeds.  Check us out on twitter at:

As you can expect, 2010 will see even more changes with the site.  I plan on a site redesign so we can start to use more graphics in our articles.  I also plan to expand upon the VAFlash brand to include news, hardware and software reviews, VA Profiles, just more stuff in general..  Expansion in all the said areas will also mandate an expansion in staff.  Currently VAFlash is a one man operation; I’ll be looking to change that pretty soon.  I will also be announcing some strategic partnerships in the near future, so stay tuned!

Thanks to all the VA’s who post here with me at VAFlash!  To all VA’s who haven’t posted news with us here, give a try!

Happy Holidays,
Lindle Romero
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