Bluenor is awarded with its AOC and an ACMI agreement

Bergen Flesland, Norway – Bluenor, the new subsidary of Colour Air has been awarded with its AOC by the Norwegian Aviation Authorities.  For the operations of twin-engine jets with a passenger configuration of between 50-200 seats.

The callsign will be BLUENOR, the IATA-code BN and ICAO-code BLN.

At the same tim, it was announced that bluenor has signed a leasing
agreement with Portujet, which means that bluenor will operate 2
Airbus A320′s for Portujet. This do also mean that bluenor will change
its own business plan, and use A320′s instead for the A318′s formely

Bluenor will operate 2 planes in full Portujet livery and 2 planes in
bluenor’s own livery on routes from Scandinavia to Portugal and
continental europe.

Bluenor has also released this fleet list:

Airbus A320-211:
CS-TVA/LN-BNA – Y:180 – Operating for Portujet
LN-BNB – C:10+Y:162

Airbus A320-231:
CS-TVC/LN-BNC – Y:180- Operating for Portujet

Airbus A320-232:
LN-BND – C:10+Y:162

C=Business Class
Y=Economy Class

Bluenor is a subsidary of nortravel ltd. and operates 4 A320′s on
Regular and Charter flights and does also offer ACMI leasing.

Portujet is a subsidary of Portugal Lessiure International, and will
fly from Madeira and Lisbon to european cities on charter flights.

More information will follow soon at


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