RYRvirtual Opens Doors

RYRvirtual is very pleased to officially announce the widely-anticipated launch of Europe’s new favourite VA.

RYRvirtual is an Irish VA which was founded in April 2009 between Andrew Rob and myself and has been in development ever since. We operate a fleet of over 200 Boeing 737-800s into more than 150 airports across Europe, giving our pilots nearly 2,000 flights to choose from, making our route network the biggest in Europe.

Our ultimate target is to become Europe’s largest VA, by providing our pilots with innovative and unique features that set us apart from our competitors, including access to all the necessary information, tools, and documents to allow them to complete their operations in the most efficient, professional, and user-friendly manner possible.

Among just some of the website features pilots will enjoy on joining RYRvirtual are:

  • A fleet-tracking booking system containing nearly 2,000 flights(incl. delivery flights) to choose from
  • A full ACARS system utilising the XAcars software that will allow our pilots to load their bookings and log their flights seamlessly, as well as view live flights of other pilots
  • Access to extensive airport and fleet information including links to all charts, scenery and fleet downloads
  • Monthly events with a twist
  • And a great community atmosphere

To join RYRvirtual simply click here .
Kind Regards,
James O’Grady

RYRvirtual Joint CEO


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