VPIA recieves VATSIM recognition as online partner

VPIA is extremely proud to announce the full recognition as a partner virtual airline by VATSIM.  After a long existence on the web, and associations and partnerships with some of the most well known websites and organizations, including simulation’s number 1 resource, and, in addition to 14 others, as well as real world aviation related websites, including,, and, the hard work put in by our dedicated members has enabled us to become the first virtual airline from Pakistan to be a fully certified VATSIM partner.

The Virtual Air Traffic Simulation Network is the world’s largest community of flight sim pilots and virtual air traffic controller’s who fly or control traffic online. Registration is simple, and extensive training programs are available from VATSIM. Support is always available from us here at VPIA.  As we set forward into the world of online simulation, we are looking for members who would be interested to fly online, or become virtual ATC’s. Simply register at

Once you recieve your ID’s please let us know at to co-ordinate online events and a lot more!

We’d also like to thank our General Managers Irfan Khan & Mohammad Salman, for their efforts, contributions and their outstanding dedication to VPIA.

It’s time to stretch your wings with “The Wings of Pakistan”

Perry Green
Senior Vice President
Internal Affairs & PR
Virtual Pakistan International Airlines


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