Pacific West Airways Introduces MOCS Based At San Jose, CA

  San Francisco, CA
– March 23, 2010 – Pacific West Airways announced early this afternoon, in front of a large group of media, friends and staff, the introduction of a brand new Operational Unit.

This Unit, practically referred to as “MOCS” or Maintenance Operation & Commercial Services, based at San Jose, CA will entertain two new services for Pacific West Airways.

An All-In-House maintenance department in addition to primary distribution functions will now be rolled through this newly established operation, headed by Michael Daughtry, General Manager – MOCS.
“Many of you may remember Michael as the former Director of Miami Hub Operations and he recently accepted his promotion to join us at our California HQ for this brand new challenge.”, stated Shane Ishii, President of Fleet Operations & Development.

“Not only will maintenance play a big role for Michael, but the commercial services part will also see its fair share of movement. Much like GEW’s Private Line, MOCS will also be responsible for charter contracts, utilizing a brand new Boeing 747-400F. The aircraft was acquired in a last minute deal struck with Boeing Aircraft and Cargolux, a Luxembourg based All-Cargo Carrier. The carrier recently decided to switch one of their latest orders to the newer 747-800 version, giving Pacific West Airways the opportunity to acquire this airframe.

May it be strawberries from San Francisco to Boston or Jack Daniels Whiskey from Kentucky to France, starting April 1st 2010, nothing will be too big of a challenge for MOCS.”, added Jay McFerdy, President – Flight Operations & Human Resources.

“We hope that this part of our new and improved operation will interest you as well and we certainly wish you continued enjoyment with Pacific West Airways.”, concluded James Neill, the newly appointed Director – Miami Hub Operations.

Additional details as to the specifics of the operation at San Jose will be released over the next few days.
James Neill
Pacific West Airways
Director – Public Relations & Creative Design


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