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Eastern Airlines Virtual Announces European Tour

Eastern Airlines Virtual is proud to announce its European Tour.

As part of our ‘Getaway Tours,’ Eastern is now offering a tour of Europe with over 40 European destinations and over 15,000 miles of travel. An itinerary like this will tax even the most seasoned pilot. If you have what it takes, check out our Getaway Tours at Eastern. If Europe isn’t your taste, check out our other Getaway Tours such as South America, the Caribbean, and Canada.

Other great benefits include:

* Over 10 HUBS in the USA and Europe
* Many Great Destinations
* New Paint Schemes
* Over 11 years of successful operations
* Great and knowledgeable management team
* Fun filled family-orientated VA

Eastern Airlines Virtual looks to continue the legacy of the Great Silver fleet by bringing it to modern times ensuring that ‘we earn our wings, everyday’!

Check out this great virtual airline at: EAV


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