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New Integrated Pirep System Released

The IPS team is pleased to announce the next generation logging software: the Integrated Pirep System for Virtual Airlines.

Most virtual airlines use logging software like FSAcars. This brings two major disadvantages: those software programs can crash, which results in losses of flightlogs, and they are mostly not compatible with other operating systems than Windows. The IPS solves these two big problems, because it is not based on a flight logging client.

The Integrated Pirep System (or IPS) is a free PHP-based flight logger which runs on the web server of a Virtual Airline. Because of that, no pilot client is required. The IPS gets it data from IVAO, VATSIM or both. It can automatically detect flights or use a flight booking system to log flights.

And to help you integrate the IPS into your VA website, they offer affordable integration services, available at their website:


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