Platinum Airways, a new, very virtual airline, takes to the skies

A new virtual airline has taken to the skies: Platinum Airways. The airline offers its VP’s a very virtual environment that is rich in content and low on rules. Operating out of four hubs, Platinum Airways flies a wide range of jet aircraft in its own livery. Platinum Airways is a non-VATSIM, KISS airline and is aimed at FS9 and FSX users.

Platinum Airways was established by a group of VP’s in 2009 with one central aim: to ensure that flying remains fun.  Platinum Airways presents itself as a KISS airline, Keeping It Straight and Simple. Operating out of KDFW (Dallas Fort Worth), CYVR (Vancouver), Brussels (EBBR) and Perth (YPPH), it offers more than 1,000 flights (many of them multiple legs) that can be flown as and when it suits the VP best. VP’s can switch between hubs as they please, without having to request authorization. Platinum Airways feels strongly that a virtual airline should remain a hobby and should have as few do’s and don’ts as possible. As it trusts its pilots are interested in having a great time by flying, Platinum Airways doesn’t require them to fly missions through VATSIM or any other external network.

Central to the new virtual airline is its powerful website, There is a reason for having selected a .org domain name, and not a .com. Platinum Airways doesn’t believe that virtual shares, aircraft purchase financing and the like will increase the fun factor in a virtual airline.

Pilot reports and other admin are kept to a minimum, as its management, too, would like to fly as often as possible. VP’s are not required to join a flight roster. New members (minimum age: 18) are expected to complete their first mission within two weeks. Thereafter, members are expected to complete one mission per month. Accumulated proven hours from other airlines are fully honoured and added to your records after your first PIREP has been processed. Membership is free. Flights are not based on real life schedules, but aim at taking VP’s to places which they may never have visited before. Most airports have ILS, but include the odd difficult approach here and there – that only adds to the fun.

To add to the fun factor, Platinum Airways offers a Destination of the Week. The DOTW may be linked to actuality. Or it may be a special airport, like the one closest to the Equator. VP’s are encouraged to suggest new DOTW’s, special charter flights or any other new content that would strengthen the airline.

For more information, please contact Al Nel at


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