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Canadian Xpress VFRiday – The 401 Part III Tonight

Canadian Xpress VFRiday® is our weekly informal event where every Friday at 21h00edt (01h00z), we fly to a different location rotating between North America one month and elsewhere in the world another.

Canadian Xpress® would like to invite all pilots to join us where during the month of June & July, we follow one of Canada’s busiest highways; Highway 401.

Part III – July 9, 2010: 21h00edt (01h00z)

Departing from Kitchener Waterloo (CYKF), we head west along highway 401 for a quick stop in London (CYXU) before continuing on to Windsor (CYQG).

Whether you fly Direct, VOR to VOR or with your GPS, you will discover that flying VFR is a lot of fun and the scenery is spectacular. So choose your favourite prop aircraft or helicopter and join us for a lot of fun.

See you Tonight!


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