Gestricia Aviation Starts Operations

Gestricia Aviation is a newborn virtual airline based in northern europe in the country Sweden.
Flights are conducted online at the network IVAO. Currently Gestricia flies a dry leased Cessna Citation 510 “Mustang” and the company have a simulated economy using phpVMS. In the future further aicrafts may be used in the fleet.

Vacant staff positions
As for now there is a great need of a person interested in building up a network of routes and airports worth a visit. The applicant should be fluent in either English or/and Swedish and have a good general knowledge in virtual aviation. As Chief Operations Manager your duties will be varied and as for know the “COM” will have the greater responsibility of providing routes, charts and other information related to the flights to be conducted by the company pilots. Knowledge in phpVMS will be meritorious.

Send your application to

Vacant pilot positions
As we have started to climb up from the baby-bed and initiated flying operations the company needs pilots. We are now open for applications and will accept the 10 first applications that fulfills our requirements. As a pilot for Gestricia you will fly the Cessna Citation 510 “Mustang” in northern Europe and you will be part of a community of virtual pilots with interest in business aviation and private jets. You will have the freedom to conduct flights whenever you want except for when the aircraft is flown by another pilot. There is no rule about how many flights you do a month, just fly when you want.

The requirements are not many, actually only four.

  • Be fluent in either English or Swedish.
  • Have at least 50h logged at IVAO as pilot. ( Less than 50h? You can still be accepted if we found your application interesting)
  • Own a legal copy of Flight Simulator X.
  • Own a legal copy of Flight1 Citation Mustang.

As for now the aircraft in use is the Flight1 Cessna Citation Mustang which is highly recommended. However if you feel that you are interested in flying another aircraft or you already own a copy of any other “well worth the money add-on” please send us your request and we will consider further investments in that aircraft type.

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