Platinum Airways Introduces Open Skies Concept to Virtual Airlines

Platinum Airways ( has become the first virtual airline to liberate and liberalise the airways by introducing Open Skies. In a radical breakaway from traditional virtual airlines, Platinum Airways is allowing its pilots to fly any mission of their choice in addition to operating its hub network.

From its launch in July 2010, Platinum Airways made it clear that it was a very virtual airline that was high in content and low on rules. Originally, it operated out of four hubs (Dallas-Ft Worth, Vancouver, Perth and Brussels). However, the majority of the fifty plus pilots who joined within the first few months indicated that they were in favour of expanding the schedule of more than 800 flights. Platinum Airways management responded by implementing a full Open Skies policy. In the same way as real world Open Skies negotiations succeeded in removing landing rights restrictions in many regions, Platinum Airways liberates the airways by allowing its pilots to fly any mission of their choice with the aircraft of their choice and at their preferred time. In addition, for those pilots who prefer fixed hubs, a poll was held to select a fifth hub. Platinum Airways’ pilots opted for Newark, which will soon be added to the existing hubs.

“As far as we could check, Platinum Airways is the first virtual airline to liberalise and liberate the airways and to introduce true Open Skies,” says Al Nel, Platinum Airways’ CEO. “Our decision clearly differentiates us from all other virtual airlines and should please newcomers and experienced flight simmers alike. The new Open Skies policy has already been translated into a web based PIREP application. Our Destination of the Week has also been adapted to the bold move, as our virtual pilots are free to select their departing airport to reach the destination. Platinum Airways has a strong fleet of aircraft in its own livery and we are keen to grow our airline by responding to valuable ideas by our members.”

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