Fly UK Releases Latest Skyways Magazine

Skyways is Fly UK’s regular community magazine containing interesting articles about flight sim & flying, coupled with news and updates from Fly UK.

This edition sees a day on the flight deck, an extensive review on FS hardware and an enlightening low-down of some useful VFR flying software along with
plenty more.

We take pride in Skyways as lots of hard work from all of our staff team goes into it, alongside generous contributions from members.

Download your copy using the following link:

Press Release with Image:

We hope you enjoy reading Skyways!

Fly UK Virtual Airways is one of the premier virtual airlines based in the United Kingdom. Established in 2004, we have over 6 years experience and have a multinational pilot base of over 600 pilots. We operate from 6 UK bases serving destinations around the globe, providing a variety of short and long haul flights. Detailed flight dispatch pages provide flight plans and information for your flights and PIREPs are logged using our custom SkyTrack software. Fly UK is an ideal choice for both new and experienced pilots, appealing in particular to those who want the best balance of realism and fun. Find out more at


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