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Puffin Air Cargo News

Puffin Air Cargo is now full operational from four hubs in Vancouver, London, Aberdeen and Paris. We have a fleet that of mainly freeware and defualt aircraft and we don’t mind if you fly a a version of that aircraft that you prefer. we have over 150 routes all over the world with flight times from 9hrs to 20 min to suit everyone’s timetable. Our fleet consists of a Airbus 330F, Boeing 737-800F, Convair 580, lockheed electra l-188,Boeing 747-400F and 200F with our recent addition of the Boeing 757-200F.

We have the ability to fly online thanks to our partners at Virtual Aviation Experience : .  They are also kind enough to provide us with our forum space.

Take a look at our site:

If you wish to join us I look forward to reading your application!

Blue skies and happy landings

Josh Develing
Puffin Air Cargo VP


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