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Platinum Airways goes Carnival in March

Platinum Airways, the very Open Skies virtual airline, is devoting its next Destination of the Week special series to Carnival celebrations around the globe. Hot on the heels of the challenging Conquest of the Snowy Mountains and Flying the Fjords, Platinum Airways pilots will be able to take it easy over the next few weeks with some relaxing DOTW’s lined up: Rio, Venice, Nice and Patras.

The recent Flying the Fjords special series confirmed the status of the Destination of the Week (DOTW) feature with Platinum Airways ( After two particularly difficult series, Platinum Airways is now focusing on carnival festivities in South America and Europe. Millions of people are bound to fly to Rio for the annual mother of all carnivals. Our target is Galeao International Airport (SBGL), the second busiest Brazilian airport in terms of internationaltraffic and an ideal destination for long haul aircraft. We may be late for the Patras (LGRX), Greece carnival, but it remains one of the most impressive ones in Europe. At its peak days, Patras carnival registered more than 40,000 participants. The third carnival DOTW is Nice (LFMN), with more than one million visitors over a two week period. And the final carnival DOTW takes us to Venice (LIPZ), a carnival destination with a long history and deep tradition, with its typical and unique masks. All DOTW’s are well documented, with an overview of their (historic) relevance to the series’ theme, information on the real life airport, full navigation charts, an overview of available scenery files and embedded real life approach and departure videos.

Previous DOTW special series have grown Platinum Airways’ membership to over 100 pilots. Launched in June 2010, Platinum Airways is a young virtual airline that caters for a very specific group of virtual pilots. Its Open Skies policy allows members to fly any mission of their choice with the aircraft of their choice at the time of their choice. Open Skies co-exists with a strategic hub network consisting of Newark (KEWR), Dallas-Fort Worth (KDFW), Vancouver (CYVR), Perth (YPPH) and Brussels (EBBR). Platinum Airways’ central aim is that virtual pilots should enjoy their hobby and should not be overwhelmed with flight rosters and duties and excessive admin.

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