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Announcing Global Virtual Airlines

Global Virtual Airlines has been in operation since early December 2010 and first started out as a small 10 person Virtual airline named Frontier Virtual Airlines. In Late December, the Founder of Frontier Virtual Airlines renamed the VA to Global Virtual Airlines in hopes of a better standing VA. Since the name change we have been providing very extensive services such as Team speak 3, Virtual Airline Financial Systems, and our own downloadable repainted aircraft.

A Quote from the founder/president of Global Virtual Airlines says ” I Think of Global Virtual Airlines as a Nice, enjoyable, and relaxing airline. And I hope/Believe that this airline will last for a long time.”

Right now Global Virtual Airlines is holding at about 30+ Pilots, over 130 Routes, 8 Hubs, and about 20 Aiircraft.

We at Global ask that you come join the fun, we host Pro ATC @ KLAX Session on Thursday and Saturday from 6:30 CST to 10:00 CST ensuring that our pilots get the best experience with ATC.

Visit the website at and Start you’r experience Today!


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