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Platinum Airways’ Destination of the Week Visits Islands in the Sun

Platinum Airways, the very virtual Open Skies airline, is gearing up for its next Destination of the Week theme. Following its African Safari theme, Platinum Airways pilots are heading for four exotic Islands in the Sun.

The June theme is a dramatic departure from the previous month’s, when they visited the world’s best game reserves on an African Safari. This month, DOTW will be visiting four exotic Islands in the Sun. The destinations are St-Maarten, Tahiti, Vanuatu and Mayotte.

Princess Juliana airport on St-Maarten in the Netherlands Antilles doesn’t need much of an introduction. The sensational approach of roaring heavies just a few meters above the beach on final has already produced dozens of wonderful videos. Tahiti sounds even more exotic, and so does its airport, Faa’a, which is close to the French Polynesia capital Papeete. The third Island in the Sun destination is Port Vila, the capital of the Vanuatu archipelago in the Pacific off the Australian East Coast. And we end our series on Ile Mayotte, a small island in the Mozambique Channel that became a French overseas department in March this year.

Platinum Airways is probably the only virtual airline to combine an Open Skies policy, allowing its pilots to fly any mission of their choice with the aircraft of their choice at the time of their choice, with a strategic hub network. The carefully selected hubs, Newark (KEWR), Dallas-Fort Worth (KDFW), Vancouver (CYVR), Perth (YPPH) and Brussels (EBBR), provide excellent global coverage. In addition, Platinum Airways also has a relief division that shuttles emergency relief to any disaster area around the world. Platinum Airways is the perfect example of the KISS principle (Keep It Straight and Simple). It hosts an active forum and a screenshot of the month competition, with the winner providing the main picture on its home page for the next month.

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