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Platinum Airways Pays Tribute to October Magic

As the northern hemisphere is gliding into autumn, Platinum Airways will dedicate its next four Destinations of the Week to October Magic. The very virtual Open Skies airline will be paying tribute to airports that show true fall colors.

October Magic will visit four northern hemisphere airports that are located in a forest environment. The first airport is one of the busiest in the world: Frankfurt am Main – EDDF. Hopefully, ATC will guide pilots to 07L or R, over Mönchwald forest. The second DOTW will be Manchester, NH – KMHT. The third autumn destination takes us to Gothenburg, Sweden, to Landvetter (ESGG). The final destination is Castlegar in Canada’s British Columbia province (CYGG), a very tricky and challenging destination indeed.  As usual, each destination will come with its navigational charts and, more importantly for this series, a link to freeware scenery. October Magic will undoubtedly produce some wonderful pictures that will make it to Platinum Airways’ home page through the virtual airline’s screenshot competition.

Destination of the Week is an increasingly popular feature with Platinum Airways, representing some 20% of all submitted PIREPs. In line with the airline’s Open Skies policy, pilots are allowed to fly into the DOTW from their airport of choice with their aircraft of choice and at the time of their choice. In addition, a 5% bonus is awarded to flights to the active DOTW. The DOTW archive allows pilots to revisit any of the previous destinations.

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